Andria Nicodemou, vibraphone & Marina Tantanozi, flutes & FX


© Tony Elieh, Irtijal Festival Beirut, 2022


APLOMB is an improvisatory duo – the convergence of two unique voices, Marina Tantanozi on the flute and Andria Nicodemou on the vibraphone. Their story of music/life-making draws upon their shared love for improvisation and composition, and is bolstered by diverse musical vocabularies, from classical to experimental and eastern Mediterranean music. Their sound is vibrant, active, electric, taking unexpected turns. Flute and vibraphone produce tones that closely resemble sine waves, the purest vibrations in sound. Every timbre is a construction of sine waves beating against each other to produce a new wave form. The music of the duo is a gesture of breathing together, far from any aesthetic idea.

Their debut concert was at Irtijal Festival 2022 in Beirut Lebanon, and concerts at Borderline (GR) and Breach (CY) followed. In the Fall of 2022 they plan to record their first album.