One of the most inventive avant-rock bands around, Aquaserge have expanded their scope as they tackle the field of 20th century contemporary classical music, paying tribute to four major figures, Giacinto Scelsi, Gyorgy Ligeti, Edgar Varese and Morton Feldman.Drawing inspiration from Scelsi’s exploration of timbres and oscillations, Ligeti’s moving clusters, Varese’s melodic cubism and Feldman-type graphic scores, Aquaserge have created pieces for a hybrid, semi-classical and semi-rock expanded 9-piece line-up. The band’s original compositions are completed by interpretations of three rare songs written by Edgar Varese (on a poem by Verlaine) and Morton Feldman (on a Rilke text), which remind us of Aquaserge’s taste for melodies.

on bandcamp: The Possibility of a New Work for Aquaserge, Crammed Discs, 2021


Aquaserge have been a subterranean driving force in the international music scene, collaborating with the likes of Tame Impala, Stereolab, Acid Mothers Temple, Aksak Maboul and more. Aquaserge are equally admired for the creativity of their compositions and for their powerful and exciting concerts.

Perdu dans un étui de guitare” is thought like a concert inseparable from its scenography, where lights, dramaturgy and physical commitment are driven by the dramaturge Elise Simonet.

Benjamin Glibert – gt, voc
Audrey Ginestet – b, voc
Olivier Kelchtermans – bar & a sax/ voc
Manon Glibert – cl & bcl/ voc
Robin Fincker – t sax/ cl/ voc
Marina Tantanozi – flutes/ voc
Julien Chamla – dr/ voc
Camille Emaille – perc/ voc
Anne Laurin – sound
Elise Simonet – dramaturgy

Co-production : Freddy Morezon, le Lieu Unique (Nantes, France), La Soufflerie scène conventionnée de Rezé (Rezé, France), “Aujourd’hui Musiques” festival by l’Archipel (Perpignan, France), Sybille Musique and Aquaserge. In partnership with Chez Lily, les arts à l’œuvre (Germ-Louron, France). With the support of the DRAC Occitanie, the Région Occitanie, the Adami, the SPEDIDAM, the FCM and the CNV.