/when there is nothing else to mourn, you have to mourn yourself 

Ialemos ( Ἰάλεμος ): a song of lamentation in ancient Greece, as well as a minor deity personifying this song in mythology.

A mourning song, a simmering protest, with its roots in the past, a whispering voice of the soul that is finding a way to become a scream. An experiment for a dancer and two musicians to confront the pain and grief of the oppression. Expressed as a contemporary lament, the outward voice becomes the expression of collective mourning.

Concept /Choreography/ Performance – Sonia Ntova, Music / Performance : Marina Tantanozi (flute, voice), Spyros Theodoridis (el.guitar), Sound Design: Marina Tantanozi, Spyros Theodoridis


Hangart Festival, Pesaro (IT), October 2014

5min-20max Short piece Plattform, Tanzhaus Zürich (CH) November 2013