Ensemble Le Pli is an open ensemble of young musicians, founded by Ivan Denes in 2013. Their interest focuses on new music performance formats, working with concepts, such as repetition, fragments, sound spatialization, overlapping and improvisation, with graphic scores and the re-interpretation/ -arrangement of pieces from baroque to contemporary music.

The development of each concept and performance occurs through intensive research and as an outcome of the transdisciplinary collaboration with other artists and scientists. For the presentation of their performances they chose indoor and outdoor spaces that allow the artists to structure their work in a site-specific way.

Ensemble Le Pli is currently finishing the creation of their new project Encounters and Fragments, that will be presented in Switzerland, in Fall 2018.

They have been performing in venues such as Pavillon Le Corbusier Zürich, Natur  Museum Thurgau, Stadionbrache Zürich (Living Room Festival), MFO Park Zürich and many more.

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