the third space / sound installation

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Eight speakers, placed in a circle (diameter ~3m) and facing outwards, are feeding the space with a variety of found sounds, songs, and improvisations. Each sonic element has its source in a particular speaker or side of the circle. The visitor has to walk around outside of the circle, in order to be able to compose one soundscape through listening, which is possible to exist only in their heads. The idea of the work is connected to observing and developing patterns, reproduced “in absentia” throughout a lifetime. The visitors, as fundamental elements of the installation, are invited to reimagine their own patterns and to experience the phases of relearning through sound. the third space is a sound installation created for the Unfrozen Education or How to Relearn Symposium in Rethymno, Crete in October 2018. It took place at Telonio, the old Coast Guard building at the old port of Rethymno. Originally designed for 8 speakers, it was finally presented as a stereo track (2 speakers) and a different visual concept, due to the lack of material at the site.