Marina Tantanozi

flutes, nay and voice

Marina Tantanozi is a flutist, improviser, performer and teaching artist from Thessaloniki Greece, based in Basel Switzerland. She pulls from a wide range of musical traditions, from classical, contemporary and new music to jazz, free improvisation and traditional middle-eastern music, to compose her artistic identity.

Her music is a sound world, where she extends the techniques and expressions of her flutes, combining voice and spoken text, microtonal textures and electronic processing. Her creative process focuses on the notions of communication and temporality.

She has collaborated with composers, visual artists, theater directors and dancers in various interdisciplinary art projects all over Europe. She has been part of Eve Risser’s White Desert Orchestra and Joyful Noise 2019, and she performs regularly with i n s u b meta orchestra, unorthodoxjukebox, tangent+mek trio and FRENESI among others. She regularly performs solo concerts, for amplified flutes and FX.

Marina holds a BA in Musicology and Music Pedagogy from the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki Greece, a MMus in Flute Performance from the Maastricht Conservatory in Holland and a Masters of Arts in Specialised Performance Improvisation from the Musik Akademie Basel, studying with Fred Frith and Alfred Zimmerlin.

She is the co-founder/curator of KlangBang, a concert series dedicated to improvisation and new music, based in Basel since 2015.